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The best of both - great music with even better lyrics. Truly enjoyable. Can't wait for the next releases.”


Saturday  - October 5th    -    7 - 9pm

Spring Park Amphitheater - Heber Springs, AR

Come enjoy a mix of Original classic rock Christian music and classic rock parody songs with Christian lyrics.

Hope to see you there!!


Latest News

Christian parody song ideas 

After listening to some of the parody songs, most of us start thinking of our favorite songs and how they could be re-written with Christian lyrics. I know I started hearing songs with a whole different perspective. What are some of your ideas? Who knows, they just might end up on one of the next releases!!!

There are three more album releases scheduled for this year. 

Watch for new YouTube videos. We will be showing some of the writing and recording as well as insights to each of the members of "Retroactiv".

Latest Track

We will be adding a new track every week for a free download. The full CD can be downloaded or you can order a CD on the music page. The CDs all have the "retro" vinyl look. Collect them all.